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    easyMobile claims 10% share of online mobile sales


    15,000 customers since launch

    By the end of June and less than two months after initiating advertising of the mobile service the company had already signed up 15,000 customers thereby successfully completing the launch period. estimates that this means its share of all online sales of mobile services is more than 10%, and that its share of online sales of PAYG is around 15%.

    As of July 1st – true to its announcement when launching – ended its promotional launch offer and reverted to its standard prices of only 15p per minute voice calls, any UK network anytime and just 5p per text, any UK network anytime – still the most attractive price and service for most users of basic services.

    “I am pleased with the results we have achieved in such a short time” says Frank Rasmussen, CEO of “Not only did we manage to implement the service and bring it into operation in 2 months, but we have also successfully made an impact on the UK mobile market fulfilling the promises we made when we launched”. “By the end of June we passed the 15,000 customer mark and we remain optimistic that we will continue following our business plan going forward – not least as customers are proving to be very loyal and satisfied with our service”, Frank Rasmussen continues, and adds “Our results are even more impressive when we consider the very competitive nature of the UK mobile market, and the number of promotions and initiatives our launch has prompted from almost all the other players in the market”.

    The feedback we receive from customers is very supportive”, says Sandy Munro, Chief Commercial Officer of, and continues “our website and our offering is seen as a great improvement compared to what has previously been available, and customers praise the simplicity and ease of use of the site and the fantastic customer service”.

    “By our estimates has realised a market share of more than 10% of all online sales of mobile service in the UK”, says Sandy Munro, and adds “No small feat for a company that has just launched its service, and that has only a small fraction of the marketing budgets of the incumbent players”.

    “I have said before that customers will be the big winners following the launch of, and this proves to be true”, says Frank Rasmussen. He continues “Not only are we providing fantastic service at attractive prices to our own customers, but we have also triggered a trend where many other players have started improving their customer proposition”. Mr. Rasmussen adds “Unfortunately, 18 and 24 month contracts, confusing and complicated PAYG prices, complex terms and conditions, combined with convoluted marketing deals and offers continue to lure customers to sign agreements that are not really in their interest. At we will remain focused in our drive to make mobile life simple and transparent for customers.”