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    Orange launches home landline service


    Orange has launched a home landline service and announced new best value broadband packages. The new Orange Home Max package will come with the landline service from Orange and is designed to provide better value while removing the need for a customer to pay another provider for their line rental. A new customer support centre has been established in Belfast to support the new landline service.

    Orange Home Max includes a landline connection offering free weekend and evening calls as well as an Orange Livebox – the wireless modem that offers broadband coverage throughout the home. A second new package, Orange Home Starter, has launched for customers who want to keep their existing fixed line supplier but still want to move over to Orange Broadband.

    The launch of the new Orange Home Starter and Orange Home Max packages enables customers to get all their communications needs from one company. Orange Home Max customers will have their landline connection, home phone and broadband services all rolled into one package with one bill and a single number for all customer service support. Customers can also make free international calls with an inclusive VoIP line. They will also be able to benefit from the launch of Orange's digital TV service later this year.

    Eric Abensur, VP of Orange Home UK said: "With the launch of our home phone service and new broadband packages, Orange is now able to serve all of a household's communication needs. What's more, home phone and broadband can all be taken care of with a single bill and one port of call for customer service. There's also no need to pay separate line rental charges."