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    Meucci Solutions to implement roaming agreements for Digicel Suriname


    Meucci Solutions, the mobile network quality monitoring specialist based in Belgium, have signed a contract for the testing and implementation of the roaming agreements for Digicel Suriname, one of the extended networks of Digicel Group in the South American region.

    Meucci Solutions will provide Digicel with an end-to-end solution encompassing all testing and internal implementation of roaming agreements. In this scenario, the Digicel group can fully concentrate on the commercial relationship with its new roaming partners, while Meucci Solutions guarantees a fast and efficient roll out of the required testing, before launching its roaming agreements commercially.

    Each partner can focus on their core-business Meucci Solutions will take care of all IREG tests, a set of technical tests performed by a mobile operator to enable their network to communicate with the network of the roaming partner. These tests verify, amongst others, the settings for voice (IR24), Camel (IR32) and GPRS (IR35). It is only when all settings for both partners of the roaming agreement have been successfully tested, that the partner networks can communicate with each other.

    Next to the IREG tests, Meucci Solutions will perform the TADIG tests, necessary to guarantee the correct billing of all communication between the partner networks. At the end of a successful test cycle, Meucci Solutions issues the certificate allowing Digicel to launch the roaming agreements commercially.

    To run the tests, Meucci Solutions will utilize its own Global Testing and Monitoring Platform, a network of over 60 probes active in 53 countries, and still expanding.

    "This contract is the perfect example of the added value we offer our customers. We use our proper network and take over the entire technical aspect and the coordination of the implementation. Through standard and extensive reports, Digicel is kept up to date on the most recently progress. Digicel can concentrate on their core business, being the commercial aspect of the roaming agreements, whilst we focus on what we do best: the technical aspects and co-ordination of the implementation," said Conrad Tuytte, CEO of Meucci Solutions

    Mario Castro, Senior Roaming Coordinator, Digicel: "Digicel chose Meucci Solutions because we require their expertise, system integration and broad knowledge to achieve a fast roaming footprint in new territories by outsourcing a team focused in testing."