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    Intec signs multimillion dollar group license and services agreement with VimpelCom Group subsidiaries


    Intec, the provider of business and operations support systems (BSS/OSS), has announced  that it has signed and implemented a group license and services agreement for its Intec Interconnect intercarrier billing solution with several VimpelCom subsidiaries. Valued at nearly US$2 million dollars, the new contract will enable Russia¹s major mobile operator to roll out Intec Interconnect throughout the CIS, with subsidiaries going live with the system by the end of this year in Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Armenia.

    The agreement is an extension of a long-term customer relationship between Intec and VimpelCom, which has been a user of Intec¹s billing solutions since 2003. Intec Interconnect is the the world¹s leading and most advanced intercarrier settlement system with over 250 customers.  It is presently deployed by VimpelCom to support its high-volume domestic traffic as well as its expanding long distance and International license business.

    "Our services and licenses deal with Intec is a very significant business decision for VimpelCom as it enables us to maximise our revenue streams from our complex intercarrier agreements in regions with very strong levels of growth," said Andrey Batalov, Head of IT Development in Russian regions and CIS, VimpelCom. "Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Armenia in particular are countries with large numbers of mobile customers and strategic plans for market expansion.  With relatively low cost we can use the services and licenses agreement to roll out Intec Interconnect quickly and seamlessly and with minimal risk, thereby enabling us to generate a substantial income from these operations on day one and ultimately giving us the competitive edge we need to remain a market leader in these regions."

    The Intec Interconnect system is renowned for its flexibility and can support all billing and settlement models. This capability will enable the subsidiaries to handle every kind of traffic, from simple voice to the most advanced content and data services, in one integrated, platform. Once the Intec Interconnect systems go live in Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Armenia, VimpelCom will continue expansion by rolling out the solution in Tajikistan as well in 2008.

    "We are extremely pleased with our new agreement with VimpelCom and we are confident that this will strengthen our existing relationship with the operator," said Gary Burch, VP of sales for Intec in EMEA. "Eastern Europe is a very important region for us in terms of long-term growth and this deal further enforces our position as the leading BSS/OSS provider in the area. To ensure that we remain competitive in Russia and the CIS we will work closely with VimpelCom and its subsidiaries to ensure that Intec Interconnect is running smoothly from the moment it goes live on the network and that income is maximised quickly from our intercarrier billing system. VimpelCom's companies can also rely on Intec's local support team in Moscow for further support. Intec¹s area specialists will be always be on hand to assist with any new billing challenges that may arise as the region¹s various mobile sectors explore new opportunities for growth."