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    32Red enters mobile gambling arena with Spin3


    Spin3, a leading provider of advanced mobile gambling solutions powered by Microgaming, the online gaming software provider, has announced that it is supplying 32Red, the online gambling specialist, with a complete mobile casino offering, allowing the company to reach a new audience and tap into the lucrative mobile gambling market.

    32Red Plc operates the award winning online casino as well as one of the UK's favourite poker rooms at Moving into the mobile gambling market is a logical strategic step for the company, who will be able to capitalise on the booming mobile entertainment market. 

    32Red will be using Microgaming's market leading GameWire system, a suite of award-winning, graphics-rich casino games including Blackjack, Roulette, and the famous Tomb Raider Video Slot, to create an exciting extension to their brand.  GameWire can be tailored to suit the business requirements of any casino operator, mobile service providers and virtually any enterprise to launch their own fully operational mobile casino, creating a very rewarding additional revenue stream.

    Ed Ware, CEO of 32Red says: "The deal with Spin3 and Microgaming means that we can extend our product base and enter a new and exciting field.  This was an obvious move for us as we were already seeing demand from our users to play on the move. As such, we are keen to offer our players the flexibility of playing our trusted brand either online or on the go.

    "32Red's brand is built on the quality of our games and security that users can trust – Spin3 and Microgaming were the best possible partners for this project as they match us on both scores."  

    Matti Zinder, Head of Spin3 says: "32Red is a huge player in the UK gambling market and its move into mobile gambling is a big boost for the industry.  With Spin3 it's incredibly easy to add mobile gambling to your existing offering, adding an extra revenue stream and access to a new audience.  We expect other gambling organisations to follow suit as they realize the profits to be made by moving into this space."

    GameWire has an exciting user interface, and full, easy-to-navigate Java menu system.  End users will be able to download the mobile casino application for free and deposit money by debit or credit card to start betting.