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    Neural Technologies claims to be first FMS vendor to successfully implement NRTRDE capability


    Neural Technologies is claiming to be the first risk management vendor to successfully implement an FMS solution that accepts near real time roaming data (NRTRDE).   


    The project was undertaken at TDC Denmark who have been using Neural Technologies' Minotaur Fraud & Credit Management Solution since 2005 to manage their customer exposure.  TDC is said to have recognised that Minotaur's architecture was capable of supporting the NRTRDE standard and worked closely with Neural Technologies to define and implement a set of rules within Minotaur to utilise the new format of roaming data received from its roaming partners.

    Up to now roaming fraud has been a big issue for mobile operators.  The crux of the matter being lengthy delays in the transference of call detail records between roaming partners.  These delays create a window of opportunity for the fraudster and in organised attacks losses can be significant.  To tackle this problem the GSMA has been encouraging its member operators to migrate from the existing High Usage Report (HUR) process to a defined NRTRDE method which reduces the delivery of fraud related roaming information from 36 hours to a maximum of 4 hours.

    Anders Bækgaard, the Fraud Manager at TDC said, ‘The first fraud alarms were initiated this month and we now have real time visibility of customer behaviour while roaming in test partner networks!  The project has run very smoothly and Neural Technologies have been very supportive with the NRTRDE_IN project.' 

    Neural Technologies' is now able to offer this NRTRDE capability to its existing and future customers.