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    Latest GSA Market Update confirms GSM market share gains and mobile broadband breakthrough with HSPA in 2007


    The latest GSM/3G Market Update published today by GSA, the Global mobile Suppliers Association, is said to provide a comprehensive overview and status of the current mobile market situation, developments and trends, and confirms the GSM family of systems gained 2.7% market share in 2007 to reach 86.6% of global mobile subscriptions by end 2007

    At end 2007 the GSM family reached 2.844 billion subscriptions, with 586 million net additions during the year. GSM continues to drive mobile subscriptions growth in major developing markets, with market share rising by end 2007 in Brazil to 76.5% (63.1% end 2006), in China 91.9% (91.5%), in India 78.9% (76.7%) and in Russia 99.3% (99.1%)

    WCDMA increased share of commercial 3G systems to 71% with 202 networks now launched in 87 countries 86% of commercial WCDMA networks have launched HSDPA, with 174 HSDPA networks launched in 76 countries.

    73 HSDPA networks entered into commercial service during 2007, and there are 100 commercial HSDPA networks in Europe. Network data downlink speeds are evolving; 3.6 Mbps is the new benchmark for mobile broadband as 65% of commercial HSDPA networks support 3.6 Mbps peak or higher, says GSA.

    35 HSDPA networks in commercial service (i.e. 21%) support 7.2 Mbps peak or higher. The uplink is faster.

    28 commercial HSUPA networks have launched in 24 countries, with another 24 networks in various stages of deployment. 100 of 174 commercial launched HSDPA networks (57.4%) have also launched EDGE for service continuity and the best user experience.

    WCDMA subscriptions including HSPA reached 179 million by end 2007, an increase of 80 million for the year (81% growth). WCDMA, including HSPA, has almost two-thirds market share of global 3G subscriptions.