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    Unipier to enable operators to leverage the success of social networks


    Unipier, a specialist in Intelligent Policy Management and service delivery solutions, announced today that it will be demonstrating during the Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona how operators may use the successful platform of social networks such as Facebook to increase their service exposure and offer profitable community services to their own subscribers.

    Based on Unipier's Intelligent Policy Suite, service providers will be able to integrate Web 2.0 applications and user generated content into their own service offerings while supporting service marketing policies, subscriber-aware information management and community-based activities. This increases the mobile operators' service value, extending their reach beyond their own networks and bringing the Web 2.0 Internet experience into the mobile arena. 

    Unipier's Intelligent Policy Suite is said to be the first centralized system with end-to-end solutions for all key policy domains such as service offers and bundles, promotions, viral recommendations and promotions, mobile advertising, loyalty plans, content access control and subscriber privacy management. Unipier will present at their exhibition booth (stand 2D49) new strategies for operators to derive added value from Web 2.0 applications and smoothly interface with profitable mashup services and social network applications, exposing its mobile services in front of new subscriber communities and potential customers.

    Unipier has further integrated its Intelligent Policy Manager and mobile advertising solution into Accenture's Service Delivery Platform blueprint. Accenture will perform a feature-rich demonstration of context-aware and location-based insertion of advertisements into Web 2.0 applications at its stand. This cooperation with Accenture further illustrates the ability of Unipier's product to substantially improve the overall user experience through more comprehensive use of subscriber-aware policies and advanced targeting abilities.

    As service providers strive to maintain their leadership position and their market share, they must leverage their role in the market and increase their added-value beyond pure network capabilities. Today's open Web 2.0 environment has presented a unique opportunity for them to use their unique service propositions and subscriber assets to further increase their subscribers' reach and service differentiation, through targeted service initiatives and optimization of the user experience. With Unipier's Intelligent Policy Suite, service providers are offered, for the first time, a rich set of policy solutions that cover all the key VAS domains across any service channel, including browsing, messaging, voice, video, Web 2.0 & IMS.

    "We are proud to demonstrate a set of telecom solutions that will enable operators to fully achieve their potential value," said Gabby Levy, CEO at Unipier. "Unipier has managed to combine the mobile operator's unique subscriber and service assets with the huge potential of user generated content and social network services in a Web 2.0 environment, empowering operators to become ‘Smarter Pipes.' Our joint demonstration with Accenture showcases the importance of Intelligent Policy Management in enabling profitable services."

    Unipier's Intelligent Policy Suite involves the integration of the most relevant policy solutions into a unified and effective suite. It is based on Unipier's field-proven Intelligent Policy Manager, which offers an intuitive, flow-based user interface for flexible business policy modeling, innovative context management, and a real-time network integration framework. The Suite provides marketers best-practice methods for targeted recommendations and promotions, bundling offers, contextual advertising, viral marketing, access control, service charging and loyalty, privacy and service assurance. Its advanced behavioral targeting methods ensure a significant enhancement of the overall user experience and satisfaction.