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    Huawei deploys NG-WDM backbone network for Magyar Telekom


    Huawei Technologies has installed a 2,700km long optical NG-WDM (Next Generation-Wavelength Division Multiplexing) backbone network for Magyar Telekom in Hungary in three months.

    The backbone, which covers all of the country including the capital city Budapest, is based on Huawei's OTN/ASON-based WDM platform and enables Magyar Telekom to migrate from providing traditional voice-oriented services through its previous DWDM system to providing next generation data-oriented services to its customers.

    The network is claimed to provide high-reliability, efficient bandwidth provisioning and long-distance optical transmission capabilities, reducing the CAPEX and OPEX for the operator, while increasing transmission bandwidth to 10Gb/s per channel, which can be quadrupled to 40Gb/s per channel. This means that Magyar Telekom will be able to provide fast, next-generation services, such as 3G mobile, IPTV and HDTV to its customers in the future, claims Huawei.

    "I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Huawei," said Thomas Bertram, CTO of Magyar Telekom, fixed network. "I am confident that the application of this new technology will enable us to offer our customers the next-generation services that they desire."

    "I am delighted to say that we have managed to deploy a NG-WDM network for Magyar Telekom," added Wan Zhi, managing director of Huawei Hungary. "As a company, we remain committed to helping Magyar Telekom provide its customers with the best services both now and in the future."