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    Bubble Motion announces partnership with Turkcell


    Bubble Motion, a specialist in 'voice SMS', has announced an agreement with Turkcell, the mobile communications provider in Turkey, to launch its voice SMS service, KonusGonder.

    The partnership means that all Turkcell subscribers will be able to record and send short voice messages to their friends, families or business contacts, in a similar manner to sending text messages. BubbleTALK is said to offer a more instantaneous, personal and language-agnostic alternative to text messaging, mobile email, and traditional mobile voice calling.

    Turkcell plans to use the KonusGonder service to provide an innovative and unique Value-Added Service to its subscribers. The introduction of the BubbleTALK service is claimed to have been attractive to mobile operators because of its simple, revenue-generating service which eliminates the need for any additional network infrastructure.

    "Turkey is a large, rapidly-growing market, so working with Turkcell, one of the most progressive and well-respected operators in the region, is an important step in establishing our market leadership, as we have in other regions," stated Bill Crawley, Vice President, Sales at Bubble Motion.

    Cenk Serdar, Chief of Value Added Services at Turkcell, commented: "Turkcell is one of the most innovative operators in the world and has always recognized the benefit in working with innovative partners. With Bubble Motion we have been able to jointly bring voice SMS to the Turkish market in a very short timeframe. Our customers love to talk and love to send messages, so voice SMS is the perfect complementary product to sit alongside our very popular text SMS service. Early indications and user testing show that voice SMS will be very popular in Turkey and will be a real hit with our customers."

    Thomas Clayton, CEO & President of Bubble Motion commented: "We are excited to announce this deal with Turkcell, and begin our aggressive expansion into Europe.  This is the latest in a series of partnerships for us, helping operators differentiate their offerings with a unique, popular service and enabling consumers to communicate more efficiently and impactfully while they are mobile."