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    Nordisk Mobiltelefon goes live with Ceon Product Control Center application


    Ceon Corporation has announced that Nordisk Mobiltelefon AB (NMT), a provider of mobile broadband services covering Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland and Ireland, is operational with the Ceon Product Control Center (PCC) product lifecycle and catalogue management software solution.

    Ceon PCC is the centralised product management system at NMT as well as the operational product catalogue that is referenced by various order capture front-ends. NMT is utilising the PCC Order Negotiator Web Services API (ON API) to integrate PCC with the CRM, Web Shop and Reseller Ordering applications. The ON API executes defined product configuration and validation rules as part of responding to product content requests from the ordering front-ends, and calculates quotes for given product configurations as well.

    "Ceon Product Control Center is a enabling us to rapidly, in some cases in a matter of hours, define and launch new offerings", said Thomas Norberg, CIO of Nordisk Mobiltelefon. "The PCC product modelling approach, the integration facilities, and the alignment of PCC with our standards-based systems architecture has allowed us to complete the initial deployment and integration of PCC within months."

    "The initial phase of the implementation has involved integrating PCC with our ordering systems. Subsequent phases will leverage PCC to support fulfilment and billing processes as well."

    "Being operational at Nordisk Mobiltelefon is a significant milestone for Ceon, and we are pleased with the rapid progress we have made this year in completing multiple deployments of our Product Control Center application ," said Peter Burke, CEO of Ceon.  "We look forward to continuing to support Nordisk achieve its business objectives through the subsequent phases of deployment and delivery of enhanced functionality in future releases."