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    CellSpin launches ‘first’ mobile blogging service for Twitter and Pownce to support audio, video, picture and text posts


    CellSpin has announced its support for sending ‘tweets' in all four media types (audio, video, pictures and text) to the popular micro-blogging sites Twitter and Pownce.

    Users can post multimedia tweets using the CellSpin mobile application, now available on 300+ mobile phones worldwide, or by using the CellSpin website.

    CellSpin lets users move beyond Twitter's 140-character limit and take their expression to a new level.  Pownce users can share whole range of multimedia experiences with their friends on-the-go using CellSpin.

    According to Bobby Gurvinder Singh, CEO and co-founder of CellSpin, "We're really excited that you can now tweet in your own voice and not be limited to text only. You can also share picture tweets and video tweets of your life as you live it, from anywhere in the world on both Pownce and Twitter. This is the next obvious step in the micro-blogging revolution."

    According to Ian Fung, co-founder of CellSpin, "CellSpin makes posting to Twitter and Pownce very easy, and makes it more convenient for users to post multimedia in real-time. This will definitely broaden the base for micro-blogging beyond those who use it only to describe what they had for lunch"

    CellSpin is free to users worldwide, and available immediately at CellSpin supports Symbian, Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0, Blackberry operating systems, with others to follow soon.  The software is now available on over 300 mobile phone models worldwide.