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    TextMagic selects Tyntec for SMS services


    Mobile messaging operator TynTec has announced that it has been selected by TextMagic, the online SMS service provider, to provide the company's messaging services.  Under the deal, TynTec will provide TextMagic with incoming and outgoing SMS messaging to underpin its online SMS communications service.

    TextMagic will be using TynTec for the two parts of its services.  When users send a message via TextMagic's online, API or email SMS interfaces, TynTec's high-reliability SMS sending (MT) capabilities will power the communication.  By using TynTec in this way, TextMagic can take advantage of its local time stamping capabilities, meaning the recipients of messages will always have accurate local time stamps on their received messages.  TextMagic will also use a TynTec-hosted long number to manage incoming reply messages.  As well as offering high-reliability in message receipt, this TynTec service will give TextMagic the ability to use memorable and marketable numbers.

    By deploying TynTec's services at the heart of its products, TextMagic will be able to take advantage of the company's significant geographical reach, covering 400 networks in 160 countries. In addition, the TynTec's promise of high speed (under 15 seconds) messaging transmission will further enhance TextMagic's offering to its customers. TextMagic also takes advantage of a real-time Mobile Number Portability check and reliable delivery notifications.

    Priit Vaikma, TextMagic, said: "TynTec offers us everything we need in an SMS services provider – as well as a reliability promise for both sending and receiving, they can give us massive geographical reach at a competitive price point.  Our customers use TextMagic to send and receive SMS from their computers – they want their text messaging to be quick, cost-effective, reliable and measurable.  Working with TynTec we can offer all of this and more."

    Michael Kowalzik, CEO of TynTec, said: "TextMagic has been providing SMS services since 2002, and by using TynTec,, TextMagic are getting the best of both worlds – they get the speed, reliability and reach that we can offer through our unique technical infrastructure combined with a great price point that means that they can maintain their margins in a competitive market."