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    Orange launches Device Management service


    Orange UK has announced the launch of its Device Management service, claimed to be the first product of its kind that enables businesses to effectively manage their employees' mobile devices in-house, without having to bring them into the office or contact customer services.

    Orange Device Management is a simple, hosted solution that enables companies to remotely manage their device fleet, with IT managers able to send updates, troubleshoot, and even lock or wipe devices over the air. It requires no back-end server and is simple to set up and get running. Employees get the freedom to work where they like, safe in the knowledge that any issues they have can be dealt with quickly and securely without them having to come back into the office.

    Orange Device Management enables businesses to make better and more efficient use of their assets. Applications no longer need to remain dormant or out of date, as IT managers can send the latest software versions directly to employees' devices. Organisations are also able to reduce the amount of time spent on support, as device problems can be diagnosed and rectified over the air.

    With security of information high on the list of priorities, and remote access to business systems becoming increasingly vital, Orange Device Management gives organisations peace of mind that their information is secure.

    Anthony Keyworth, Director of Business Products, Orange Business Services UK said: "With business mobile needs constantly evolving, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to be able to manage their device fleet in a cost-effective and time-efficient way. Orange Device
    Management helps increase the productivity of the mobile workforce, as well as providing businesses with greater security for their data."