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    BuzzCity reports continued growth of mobile ad network


    BuzzCity, a provider of global wireless communities and consumer services, has announced the release of the BuzzCity Mobile Advertising Index for Q4 2008. The report documents the growth of mobile internet advertising and represents inventory sold across the BuzzCity Mobile Advertising Network. The BuzzCity report tracks, by extension, the growth of off-portal mobile internet use, in more than 200 countries around the world. 

    The following statistics show paid advertising banners delivered in the fourth quarter of 2008. Banners are delivered to more than 2000 publisher sites, including BuzzCity-owned mobile community service, myGamma.

    Banners Served on BuzzCity Mobile Advertising Network  
    Q4 Position         Country             Q4 Banners          Q4 Growth  
      1                     Indonesia             3.6 billion              100%  
      2                       India                  727 million             10%  
      3                   South Africa           465 million            -14%  
      4                  United States           382 million            47%  
      5                      Kenya                  241 million           -19%  
      6                      Egypt                   150 million            54%  
      7                     Romania               135 million             32%  
      8                   Bangladesh             135 million              1%  
      9                   Philippines              116 million           119%  
      10                    Libya                   101 million              -2%  
    Total   6.0 billion   49%  
    Network Total   7.6 billion     
    Network Growth   40%    
    In the fourth quarter, just over 7.5 billion advertiser banners were delivered across the entire network, representing a quarterly growth of 40%, a slight increase from the previous quarter's growth of 38%.

    KF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity, commented on the news: "The Q4 results are significant in light of the current economic situation. We are clearly seeing more advertising on mobiles and expect to see further growth in 2009 as advertisers focus more on accountability in their campaign execution. Even the apparent shrinkage of advertising inventory in South Africa has a silver lining to it: publishers providing greater value and transparency for consumers will sustain demand as they continue to monetise their content in this market."

    While the Top 10 performers contributed 80% of the traffic, the network continued to grow beyond these markets; by the end of December 2008, 28 markets exceeded 10 million banners per month compared to 23 in Q3. Year-on-year the network grew by some 300% and growth is expected to continue.