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    Kirusa announces Voice SMS Version 5.0


    Kirusa, a vendor of Voice SMS and a developer of mobile value added services, has today announced the immediate availability of Kirusa Voice SMS Version 5.0 (KV.SMS 5.0), the latest release of its Voice SMS product ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

    The new product incorporates a variety of enhancements and new features that will be at the core of future Voice SMS deployments and are said to be beneficial for both mobile carriers and subscribers. Participants at the Mobile World Congress 2009 will be the first to experience the new and enhanced functionality of KV.SMS 5.0.

    Kirusa's Voice SMS solution allows people to send SMS messages by speaking. A user dials * followed by the number, and speaks a message in any language. The recipient gets an SMS notification from the sender and can dial a number in the notification to directly access the spoken message. Kirusa Voice SMS has been selected by over 30 carriers, reaching more than 300 million subscribers across the world.

    Kirusa's new Voice SMS version 5.0 comes with the following benefits:
      a.. Revolutionary Subscriber Self-Care web  interface
      b.. Subscriber Self-Care offers a Web 2.0 interface that is  both intuitive and user-friendly. A subscriber can quickly customize his Voice  SMS service experience, e.g. by choosing his preferred language or Voice SMS  receipt method at the click of a button, setting up Groups and Speed Codes,  enabling or disabling service alerts, etc. He can also listen to new Voice SMS  messages over the web. The subscriber can choose to receive an incoming  message via SMS or via a call.
      c.. Mnemonic and Group Speed Codes
      d.. Subscriber can assign  Speed Codes for an individual number or a group with easy to remember  mnemonics for his favorite contacts and groups e.g. *MOM, *DAD, *CRIC for  cricket friends etc. This enables him to quickly send Voice SMS messages  without having to remember phone numbers. The system also auto-assigns  predefined Speed Codes for frequently used numbers based on the subscriber's  usage patterns.
      e.. Innovative Voice SMS Gateway
      f.. KV.SMS 5.0 further  expands support for third party applications that want to send and receive  Voice SMS messages to mobile subscribers, thereby facilitating a ready  ecosystem for Voice SMS-based applications.
      g.. Industry's most flexible Charging Support
      h.. KV.SMS 5.0  includes support for several new charging interfaces to IN platforms,  including Huawei, Siemens, and Comverse. An industry first, KV.SMS 5.0 also  allows a mobile operator to charge for a particular Voice SMS feature based on  the combination of the sender's and recipient's phone number, giving the  operator an additional degree of freedom in determining the cost for a Voice  SMS feature.
      i.. Expanding International Voice SMS
      j.. Messages can be sent  to more carriers in more countries, increasing convenience for the mobile  subscribers, and increasing revenues for the mobile carriers. Recipients of  international messages can also reply to the Voice SMS messages.
      k.. Platform Performance and Reliability  enhancements
      l.. Several performance and reliability improvements have  been incorporated that make KV.SMS 5.0 the world's most scalable and reliable  Voice SMS solution, meeting needs of all telecom carriers across the globe. 

    "Innovative enhancements such as speed codes, self-care web interface and application security are amongst a host of features that reflect Kirusa's commitment toward the Voice SMS user community. A large amount of Voice SMS traffic is being seen currently, and the new version will help increase the traffic through an added incentive for web savvy users," said Salman Wassay, Director marketing of Zong, CMPak Limited, Pakistan.

    Commenting on the Version 5.0 release, Surinder Singh Anand, Vice President of Product Management at Kirusa said, "Kirusa is the technology leader in the Voice SMS industry and we continuously strive to offer better usage interfaces to our customers. The innovative feature set of KV.SMS 5.0 ensures a rapid increase in the overall adoption and usage of the Voice SMS service."