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    Comprion announces new testing solution for synchronised SWP/HCI and NFC simulation


    Comprion has combined the simulation capabilities of its SWP/HCI tester Prove 2 with its NFC tester CLT One, which means that synchronous simulating and testing of both the contact and contactless sides of NFC communication is now available, says the company.

    In 2007, Comprion says it was the first test equipment provider combining the tracing capabilities of an ISO/SWP/HCI/IC-USB spy tool (Move 2) and an ISO/IEC 14443 tracer (CLT Move).  With its new solution, contact based and contactless communication can not only be traced but simulated synchronously.

    Prove 2 is a digital SWP and HCI card simulator for CLF testing featuring the latest tests according to ETSI TS 102 694-1 (SWP) and ETSI TS 102 695-1 (HCI). CLT One is a card/tag simulator for contactless testing supporting ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and B. Recordings of both tools can be processed and displayed in just one comprehensive software application. This allows for accurate and easily accessible timing measurements on the same single time scale and protocol analysis across interfaces and technologies.

    As some of the ETSI SWP and HCI test cases demand an NFC simulator to be involved, the new Comprion solution will assure SWP/HCI and NFC compliance. Comprion says it is still actively involved in creating ETSI test specifications for SWP and HCI protocols, which means that new conformance tests can be implemented into the Prove2 in parallel with the progress of the test specifications.

    The synchronised solution is already used by leading CLF manufacturers and research labs across Europe, says Comprion.