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    Si.mobil Slovenia selects RealNetworks for music service


    RealNetworks, the digital entertainment services company, transitioned the music service for mobilkom austria group's (MAG) Si.mobil to its platform today, adding 'all-you-can-eat' functionality and upgrading the service to Real's mobile and PC client interface.  This is the second deployment under Real's 4-year agreement with MAG, providing Si.mobil's nearly 600,000 subscribers with access to the its mobile music service.

    "After seeing significant growth in both downloads and music subscribers enjoyed by our sister company, A1 in Austria, we are eager to launch our music service on the Real platform," said Peter Curk, marketing director, Si.mobil. "RealNetworks' UI is clean and simple, and the platform is flexible enough to offer innovative pricing models for our subscribers, making it the obvious choice for success in mobile music."

    Si.mobil offers a bundled plan, ORTO MUZIQ ,which will include unlimited music, free in-network calls, 1,001 SMS, 1,001 MMS, access to the Vodafone live! portal and 100 MB of data for 15 €/month.  Alternatively, subscribers can choose to access the revamped MUZIQ portal, where they will be able to choose full-track downloads on their handsets or PCs from variety of genres and artists.

    "We look forward to providing Si.mobil's ORTO MUZIQ subscribers with the same innovative product that A1 subscribers have enjoyed since August, and that we look forward to providing to other MAG operators throughout Eastern Europe in the future," said Andreas Spechtler, managing director, technology products and services, EMEA, RealNetworks.

    Real says it also enables the music services that make mobile music available to millions of subscribers in Europe, including mobilkom austria group's A1 in Austria, and Vodafone music stores in 9 countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, Romania and Spain.

    Real's music service is now deployed with 14 communications service providers in 13 countries around the world, it says.

    Real's ASP services are said to be currently available through 83 different mobile operators in 45 countries worldwide, making them available to 785.5 million subscribers.  Real offers mobile operators a comprehensive selection of mobile services including: Music; Video; personalisation features such as Ringtones, RBTs and Multimedia Ringback Services; and messaging services.