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    BONDI ‘first’ for compliance to W3C Widgets specification


    OMTP today announced that its BONDI Reference Implementation is the first to be fully compliant with the 165 mandatory tests available for the W3C Widgets 1.0: Packaging and Configuration specification.
    Widgets are small, self-contained applications, which are created using web standards. The OMTP BONDI Reference Implementation currently running on Windows Mobile is designed to drive the BONDI specification work, whilst existing as a demo platform and test-bed for widget developers to use. Future reference implementations are planned.
    Nick Allott, CTO of OMTP said "the OMTP membership have put a significant amount of effort into ensuring that the BONDI reference implementation is compliant with W3C standards. As members of W3C we have helped to drive the specifications and it is fantastic news that we can be the first to declare compliance to this important web standard"
    The Packaging and Configuration specification lays out the standard for how widgets are packaged, configured and how the packages are processed by a web runtime. The specification is part of a suite of standards being developed by the W3C to standardise the widget space.