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    Opinion – Challenges for future mobile markets


    Orga Systems airs its views on future mobile markets at NGT MENA Summit

    The need for sustainable growth will in the future not be met by more subscribers, but by increase of connections. This is due to today's telecom markets experiencing fundamental changes. Data services and multimedia content will be the growth drivers in saturated markets like MENA. Real-time rating, charging and policy control can create new opportunities for operators to grow. Orga Systems shows how its solutions can help operators in the Middle East and Northern Africa region to prepare for a successful future.

    Increase in Smartphone and apps
    10 years after the first camera phone, 4G speeds have arrived and smart phones are the fastest growing category of handsets. Flat rate offerings will be no efficient business strategy. The global mobile phone industry has been extremely successful in the past decade, with an average year-on-year subscriber growth of 24%. Despite a contraction in the mobile handset market in 2009, Smartphone shipments grew by 15%. Due to the increase of Smartphones' market share and an increase in application focus by handset manufacturers, MNOs are predicted to grow yearly app revenues from US$1.94 billion (2009) to US$15.65 billion (2015). The application market's growth is driven both by the rising number of Smartphones in use and a more and more connected global subscriber base. This trend will continue, seeing global Smartphone users numbering 970 million by the end of 2013.

    Real-time charging as key enabler
    User interaction and real-time charging will be the way ahead. Convergent real-time billing platforms, charging and billing applications and dynamic policy management are needed. They allow for customers' flexibility and minimize internal operating costs and improve customer satisfaction. Operators need to prioritize access to deal with data volume: Customer network service differentiation is the sufficient way ahead rather than flat rate pricing.

    Advanced solutions for telecoms market in MENA
    Ramez Younan, CEO Orga Systems, will show why real-time rating, charging and policy management are the key to solving the problem of increasing network load. The NGT MENA Summit 2010 will take place in The Ritz-Carlton Sharq Village in Qatar from 12.04.2010 – 14.04.2010.