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    Openwave launches mobile data mediation and analytics solution


    Openwave Systems, a software specialist offering mobile internet mediation solutions, today announced the launch of Openwave Analytics, Data Mediation Edition (DME). Openwave Analytics DME enables operators to gain detailed network and usage related insights across a wide array of operator data sources. The solution also allows operators to seamlessly insert this intelligence into their control points in the network and mobile ecosystem. In addition, the solution is focused on providing the ability to build rich profiles and segments and leverage insights into new revenue streams for operators.

    "With the  huge ramp in mobile data traffic driven by social networking, mobile Internet browsing, and video services, many operators around the world are experiencing major network congestion issues-challenges that aren't expected to disappear with HSPA+ and LTE network upgrades," said Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, director of Strategy Analytics Mobile Broadband Opportunities (MBO) service. "One of the most immediate solutions operators need to deploy is in-network mobile analytics to gain real-time visibility into traffic usage patterns. Solutions such as Openwave Analytics, DME, position operators not only to optimize their networks for the continuing surge in mobile broadband use but also to leverage usage insight to create new revenue streams and a more compelling and customized user experience."

    Openwave Analytics, DME is a feature-rich, predictive solution fueled by real-time analytics that provides early identification of mobile data trends that enable operators to make timely decisions to avoid bandwidth problems while targeting business driving opportunities.  Analytics, DME mediates among all different ecosystem elements, enabling the enhancement of every mode of IP traffic including mobile internet, messaging, video and social networking. The result provides operators with a 360-degree view of their network, devices and services, and enables operators to proactively optimize network resources, quickly launch smart mobile services, and provide a contextually relevant user experience.

    This latest Analytics solution from Openwave includes full capabilities for business analysts working with mobile data, while enabling executives with concise and visually informative dashboards that can help operators to monitor, manage and monetize the mobile internet.

    "Operators cannot effectively manage and monetize their traffic without a clear picture of what is happening on their networks," said Anurag Patnaik, director of product management for analytics, Openwave. "At present, mobile data analytics tools are used primarily to help operators understand their customers and to better manage data traffic. Openwave is helping to provide a way for operators to integrate segmented data that can be used as a powerful targeting tool for mobile advertising, mCommerce, sponsorships, etc.  Openwave Analytics, DME provides a comprehensive solution that helps enable operators traverse both operational and marketing needs by monitoring data network traffic and usage behavior, tracking emerging trends and acting on network capacity and bandwidth insights to keep the network running efficiently in addition to uncovering usage behavior insights that can help facilitate new revenue opportunities."