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    Redknee partners with Telefonica O2 Ireland on prepaid mobile broadband


    Redknee, a provider of business-critical software and solutions for communications service providers, has announced that its real-time rating and charging solution is now part of Telefonica O2 Ireland's mobile broadband service for its prepaid customers.

    Redknee's Next Generation Rating and Charging (NGRC) solution, in addition to already supporting O2's mobile internet services for prepaid and post-paid customers, enables O2 to provide prepaid mobile broadband customers with flexible pricing plans, such as daily or monthly packages. O2 provides its customers with enhanced account visibility and access via a web portal where they can instantly view their balances in real-time and top-up online if necessary. NGRC also enables O2 subscribers to set alerts when they are close to their usage threshold, so they can choose to top up their account or manage their future usage.

    Telefonica O2 Ireland's Chief Technology Officer, Pat Moynihan comments: "It was a priority for O2 to deliver a prepaid mobile broadband offering to our customers in 2009. Redknee was selected to deliver the project based on their technical NGRC solution that enables our customers to have real time and flexible charging capabilities. There was a very strong commitment throughout the project to deliver on our customers' expectations and the feedback from our customers since launch has been very positive".

    Redknee's CEO Lucas Skoczkowski comments: "We are pleased to support Telefonica O2 Ireland's prepaid mobile broadband offering. Redknee continues to deliver on its commitment to monetize operators' services for all their subscribers across all service types – data, content, location, messaging or voice in wireless, fixed and broadband environments. At Redknee we are committed to our customers' success and remain focused on producing patented, award winning, business critical software solutions that deliver results."