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    ASC announces certification for connection to EADS TETRA Network


    ASC, a provider of solutions to record, analyze and evaluate communications, today announced certification for connection to the EADS TETRA Network of its integrated communications recording solution, Marathon Evolution.

    The certification was provided after a thorough testing at the TETRA Application Test Center in Helsinki, Finland. TETRA, an interoperability standard for professional mobile radio communications, was delineated by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to allow interaction among professional mobile radio equipment from multiple vendors. Its flexible digital addressing helps diverse organizations communicate during emergency situations.  

    The efficient handling of emergency calls is crucial for an effective response. ASC's communications platform provides secure recording, as well as fast and efficient playback, of all voice and data communications, including VoIP, trunked radio and analog or digital technology, with a single scaleable recording system. 

    ASC's Marathon Evolution records both, individual and group calls as well as short data services (SDS) within a TETRA network. The system provides fail-safe operation and redundancy through a mirrored hard disk. ID and time stamps are tagged to each recording to facilitate analysis of incidents and provide protection from liability.