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    People’s new ability to communicate has changed the world. Mobility and global reach are shortening distances, constantly breaking down barriers and irreversibly collapsing entire continents, nations and cities into communities of nomads spanning across the globe. Our planet has indeed evolved into a  Global Mobile Village.

    Since its creation, Belgacom Carrier & Wholesale has been at forefront of International Communications, acting as catalyst for growth in terms of traffic and reach. The mission of Belgacom Carrier & Wholesale has not changed: enabling global interworking among networks across all possible communication standards. As the world of communication is turning mobile, Belgacom Carrier & Wholesale renews its commitment to the world of communication, having developed a comprehensive value proposition for Mobile Operators.
    “Belgacom Global Mobile Village” is the brand name of a distinctive portfolio of Carrier Services tailored upon Mobile Operators’ needs. It comprises a wide variety of service capabilities and building blocks encompassing infrastructure, global connectivity and value added services, all designed to provide real benefits in terms of increased contribution from traditional services, such as voice, and in terms of key competitive advan-tage from a faster and more cost effective international coverage for new data services, such as MMS and GPRS roaming.

    Belgacom Global Mobile Village helps Mobile Operators to reach their growth target while improving profitability. This is because our product and services are cost effective multilateral platforms, designed to deliver quality, while managing complexity and reducing time to market.

    Belgacom Voice First Class Mobile with its unique assured CLI feature allows for increased inbound and outbound roaming revenue, as well as facilitating retention of value customers. The assured CLI feature is an out of band two-way CLI transmission between Mobile Operators and Belgacom.

    Belgacom STP/SCCP Transit enables high-quality Voice and SMS roaming to more than 400+ mobile networks worldwide, including ANSI IS41 networks. Customers benefit form dedicated project team for implementation, round the clock pro-active monitoring and highly skilled technical support backed by industry standard SLA. Several new pricing models are available to lower Mobile Operators cost of ownership with existing International SS7 providers.
    Belgacom GRX connects more GPRS networks that ever before. Its number of directly connected GPRS network has doubled in recent months, so has the number of peering agreements (17), bringing the total number of reachable GPRS networks to 120+. New Mobile Operators in Europe, Asia and Africa have chosen Belgacom GRX for its reliability, its competitive pricing as well as for its  on-line performance monitoring tool with its unique AS2AS reporting features that allows mobile operators to monitor real time traffic patterns by roaming partner.

    Belgacom SMS/MMS Transit is the ultimate answer to Mobile Operators’ needs for extended international messaging coverage to benefit from the expected growth in messaging while gaining competitive advantage. SMS Transit, and its future MMS evolution, offers unrivalled international coverage with 600+ destinations across all wireless standards, mobile number portability support, delivery receipt integrity and last but not least advanced SMS firewalling capabilities which, in combination with SCCP Transit filtering, provides bullet proof protection against spamming and unsolicited messages.

    Company profile

    Belgacom Carrier & Wholesale is the carrier division of the Belgacom group. It is a major global carrier, dedicated to serving the needs of fixed, mobile and Internet operators. Belgacom Carrier & Wholesale has the right credentials to be a trusted partner of mobile operators thanks to its unique financial stability, its potential for growth and its extended experience in transit business.