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    Huawei has dig at Ericsson over LTE network speeds


    Can this be right?

    Huawei’s press team has forwarded me a clip from Swedish tech site Ny Teknik, which appears to show the Telia Sonera CTO saying that Huawei’s capabilities mean that the operator can gain twice as much speed on its network in Oslo than it can on the Ericsson-supplied network in Stockholm.

    The quote, as sent to us by Huawei, says, “In an interview with Ny Teknik, TeliaSonera’s CTO Lars Klasson, when asked about the speed differentials across the region, stated, “it depends on what the various vendors can deliver…Ericsson’s network runs at 10 MHz, while Huawei’s network in Oslo uses 20 MHz.”

    But surely the decision as to how much bandwidth to use is up to the operator? Or is Mr Klasson really telling us that Ericsson’s LTE gear us somehow unable to use the full bandwidth the operator bid for? If that’s the case – why use Ericsson at all? I don’t get it.

    By the way, when we spoke to Ericsson Director of LTE Thomas Noren earlier this week  we asked him how much spectrum Telia Sonera was using and he was cagey about the subject, although that was protrayed as being respectful of the operator’s own commercial status.

    We’ve asked Huawei, Telia Sonera and Ericsson to let us know what’s going on here, and we’ll get back to you when we have replies.

    The original article is here. If you can read Swedish and think either Ny Teknik or Huawei have the wrong end of the stick here, then do let me know.

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