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    Vodafone selects Mobilitec’s mPower product for delivery of mobile java applications


    mPower, Mobilitec’s leading software product selected by the largest operating group in Europe; Mobilitec’s mPower already successfully deployed in seven Vodafone live! countries

    Mobilitec Inc, a global provider of integrated software products that enable mobile service delivery, today announced that Vodafone(TM) has selected Mobilitec to enable the flexible and secure wireless download of Java applications.  Mobilitec’s mPower product has already been successfully deployed in a number of Vodafone live! countries including Australia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy and New Zealand. 

    Mobilitec’s mPower provides the necessary functionality to enable the download of Java games as part the highly successful Vodafone live! service. The relationship between Mobilitec and Vodafone(TM) ensures proven, carrier-grade software, easy implementation and support for any device, network and protocol.  The solution offers flexibility and agility to adapt to emerging standards and functionality.  Through its leading mPower product, Mobilitec is enabling Vodafone(TM) to implement key components for generating revenue and driving data usage through its Vodafone live! offering.

    Lee Fenton, Director Global Platforms, at Vodafone Global Products and Services said, “This agreement with Mobilitec enables our customers to seamlessly download Java applications as part of our Vodafone live! offering. We have already successfully deployed the solution in a number of Vodafone live! countries..”

    “Our relationship with Vodafone(tm) is testament to Mobilitec’s leading position in the market as the provider of the most compelling best-of-breed suite of software enabling mobile service delivery,” said Margaret Norton, CEO and President of Mobilitec.  “Vodafone(TM) has been able to quickly and cost-effectively launch a secure, reliable and scalable standards-based suite of integrated products that provide the key component in generating revenue and increasing data usage.”