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    New players every five seconds


    IN-FUSIO, the mobile games service provider for operators in Europe and China, has announced new user figures that demonstrate the growing importance and the ARPU generating capability of its mobile games services.

    IN-FUSIO now has over 3,350,000 players registered worldwide and has accumulated 7,000,000 game down-loads. This means a new player joins every five seconds and one download is made every four seconds. Since its launch in July 2001 these usage figures have been increasing by 15% month on month.
    After downloading a game, IN-FUSIO’s service allows the player to unlock further game levels, challenge other players or post scores using SMS. As well as delivering all-important interactivity to the games service this has also proved an important revenue stream for operators who have benefited from the 35,200,000 premium text messages that have been sent by mobile gamers to date.
    “We have seen a significant shift in the role mobile games play within an operator’s armoury of data services. This is probably why a third of all handsets sold in France since the beginning of the year are enabled with IN-FUSIO’s games engine client — ExEn.
    Of the 3,350,000 registered players, over 1.1 million were active users last month, making at least one paid interaction in the last four weeks. With almost 700,000 downloads per month this represents “enormous revenue-generating potential,” says Gilles Raymond, CEO & founder of IN-FUSIO.