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    A-L bets on Wi-Fi to unlock FTTH potential


    Alcatel-Lucent is launching a new network terminal and technology that helps homes take advantage of gigabit speeds through FTTH.

    The vendor, which agreed to be taken over by Nokia last week, said while FTTH can offer residents high speeds, it can be hamstrung by poor Wi-Fi connection and reliability. The problem is increased, it added, when more devices are simultaneously connected online.

    The company’s new 7368 Intelligent Service Access Manager (ISAM) optical network terminal (ONT) is currently being trialled with customers. The home hub uses dual-band Wi-Fi and increases signal strength, which it said would protect speeds.

    It has revealed the home hub in addition to new software, which it said will allow operators to connect its customers quicker and easier. ONT Easy Start is an online activation solution which allows consumers to get access to FTTH through an online portal.

    Alcatel-Lucent said the software would reduce the need for sending field technicians to install the relevant equipment. 

    Both products are slated to go on sale in the third quarter of 2015.

    Federico Guillén, President of Alcatel-Lucent’s Fixed Access Business Line said: “With the Internet of Things enabling an unprecedented number of objects to interact and share data, connected device shipments are expected to grow at a faster rate than smartphones and tablets over the next few years, placing huge demands on home Wi-Fi networks.

    “By offering the first gigabit Wi-Fi solution we are helping operators deliver on the promise of their fiber networks to meet their customers’ ever-growing demands for connectivity and speed. ONT Easy Start will open up new options for operators, allowing them to free up resources as they reduce costs.”

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