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    Accuris hails single roaming, offload WiFi platform



    Accuris Networks has announced that three North American top tier mobile operators have selected its AccuROAM plaform for Wi-Fi offload and also to enable International-roaming subscribers to automatically roam onto partner Wi-Fi networks when abroad. Accuris Networks is the only company to offer both Wi-Fi offload and Wi-Fi roaming on one platform.

    AccuROAM is the first solution that lets carriers provide their smartphone and tablet customers with seamless connections to Wi-Fi hotspots both in country and also when traveling abroad without having to enter cumbersome usernames and passwords, verify account details or regularly interact with a client app.

    The AccuROAM platform enables subscribers to automatically and securely access operators Wi-Fi hotspots by using the subscriber’s SIM credentials for authentication. This provides the security demanded by all cellular carriers, delivering a much improved user experience compared to the typically current awkward methods associated with Wi-Fi access.  It also gives operators the ability to control service access, manage Wi-Fi offload connections and bill subscribers for Wi-Fi usage when roaming. With AccuROAM, three North American operators can now provide an enhanced and extended data offload experience for their subscribers on current and future Wi-Fi networks.

    “Carriers worldwide are faced with huge challenges of network congestion and with roaming challenges as their customers travel abroad.  Integrating Wi-Fi with mobile networks is essential for carrier success, not just for authentication and data but for all the services that users’ currently receive on cellular such as billing, voice, messaging and roaming,” said Aidan Dillon, CTO, Accuris.  “Rather than having to turn data roaming off when traveling, Accuris’ AccuROAM solution means that smartphone users can expect the same seamless roaming experience when they are traveling as they do when they are at home.”

    The AccuRoam platform offers comprehensive integration with the core network that provides operators the ability to deliver their existing services onto Wi-Fi, including voice and messaging as well as data services.