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    Apple devices come top on InMobi’s European network


    InMobi Europe shows mobile ad growth of 21% from Q1 to Q2 2011.

    InMobi has released its monthly Mobile Insights Report: Europe Edition Q2 2011. The report provides insights from InMobi’s network, which served over 104.9 billion mobile advertising impressions across the globe in Q2 2011, including 10.8 billion in Europe.

    The report shows continued growth of impressions on Apple devices. During Q2 2011, over 2 billion ad impressions were served on Apple devices in Europe, propelling Apple past Nokia for the first time. Over the same period, Nokia devices dropped by 0.9 share points and now represent 18.7% of ads in the region. One of every five ads across Europe is now on Apple manufactured devices.


    As a result of Apple’s iOS popularity, Android’s operating system has lost 5.0 share points against iOS’s gain of 3.3 over the past quarter. RIM, whilst ranked third in terms of operating systems, saw the highest gain during this period, gaining 6.1 share points. Despite this though, Android remains the top mobile platform by ad requests with nearly 25% of all requests.

    Rob Jonas, VP and MD Europe and Middle East at InMobi, comments: “The Q2 2011 results show another major inflection point for mobile advertising in Europe. Smart devices, driven by iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, are now defining the mobile experience for the majority of Europeans.  The next phase of mobile advertising is upon us. It is now up to brands and agencies to capitalise with immersive, creative experiences delivered at scale for consumers.”

    Total mobile advertising impressions on the InMobi network in Europe grew by 21 percent in Q2, primarily driven by smartphone impressions, which grew by 31%.  Three out of every five mobile impressions in Europe are now on a smart device.  Among European nations, United Kingdom and Spain showed the fastest growth in Q2.

    This report highlights the continued growth of mobile advertising globally, as the InMobi network grew by 23.4 percent or 19.9 billion ad impressions from Q1 to Q2.  Smartphone ad impressions grew by 12.3 billion impressions and now represent 38% of global mobile ad impressions across the InMobi network.

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