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    ARM looks to 2016’s smartphones with new processor suite


    ARM has unveiled a new suite of high performing and energy efficient processors, which it said will power smartphones from next year onwards.

    It said its Cortex-A72 processor delivers a 50 times better performance than flagship smartphones from five years ago. More than 10 partners, including MediaTek and HiSilicon, have licensed the processor.

    The Cortex-A72 is based on its ARMv8-A architecture and delivers 64-bit processing. ARM said it offers 3.5x the performance of devices that ran its Cortex A15 product and reduces energy consumption by up to 75 percent.

    It also revealed its CoreLink CCI-500 Cache Coherent Interconnect, which is designed to help enable the likes of video editing and multitasking. ARM said it offers twice the peak memory system bandwidth and a 30 percent increase in processor memory performance when measured against the previous generation product.

    The Mali-T880 is designed to offer console quality gaming on a mobile handset, delivering 1.8x the performance of existing T-760 based devices and reducing energy consumption by 40 percent.

    ARM said the new products would help smartphone manufacturers building Android Lollipop-based devices to deliver high quality experiences across thin handsets, with less of a strain on battery life.

    Pete Hutton, Executive Vice-President and President, Products Groups, ARM, said: “Our new premium mobile experience IP suite with the Cortex-A72 processor delivers a decisive step forward from the compelling user experiences provided by this year’s Cortex-A57 based devices.

    “For multiple generations, together with our partners, we have delivered the leading-edge of the premium mobile experience. Building on this, in 2016 the ARM ecosystem will deliver even slimmer, lighter, more immersive mobile devices that serve as your primary and only compute platform.”

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