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    BICS and AICENT sign first IPX peering agreement


    Joint Private Network forms the basis for Next Generation Mobile IP Services

    BICS and Aicent have announced a formal agreement to interconnect their IPX (IP-Exchange) communities. The companies said that the IPX peering agreement was the first of its kind, and would allow communication service providers to access a secure and managed IP network that supports mobile data, VoIP and LTE roaming.

    Press release:

    The IPX peering agreement between BICS and Aicent will see the two largest data roaming providers commit to the rollout of an integrated network infrastructure that combines the flexibility and efficiency of IP, with the security and quality of traditional TDM interconnect.

    Communication service providers will benefit from an IPX Transport solution allowing them to become part of a private community, shared by BICS and Aicent, where they can easily establish interworking and roaming bi-lateral agreements with trusted partners within a secure and managed IP network environment. Additional multilateral services, such as VoIP and LTE Roaming, will soon be possible through this peering agreement.

    Mikael Schachne, VP Mobile Data Business Management at BICS, explained: “This initiative represents
    a significant step forward for the international telecom industry. It will accelerate the adoption of IPX as the standard for next-generation IP-based services between mobile operators, fixed-line providers, MVNOs and OTT players. The IPX peering agreement delivers a private and secure IP backbone that will help communications service providers to expand their business globally for international voice and data services.”

    Aicent’s VP of Product Marketing, MK Chang commented: “This agreement between BICS and Aicent marks the formation of the world’s largest IPX network, offering unmatched global IP coverage while giving communication service providers a platform for their all-IP anything to anywhere services. This gives our connected mobile carriers an incredible opportunity to offer world class IP-based interworking and roaming services. Our partnership with BICS serves as a significant IPX milestone for the global telecommunications industry.”

    The dual network infrastructure is underpinned by the end-to-end mapping of ‘IP Classes of Service’. This will ensure that service providers using the network will experience the same ‘Quality of Service’ for peering destinations as if they were directly connected to their own IPX. BICS and Aicent’s existing customers will be the first to take advantage of this framework which will enable the seamless delivery of critical traffic at the highest possible quality level, while meeting the increasing bandwidth and demand of new data services in a cost effective way.