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    Broadband for Niepolomice Community in Poland


    NextiraOne, a European specialist in communications services, has announced that it has signed a contract with the Town and Community of Niepolomice in Southern Poland to deploy a wireless broadband network. The investment “Internet Access for a Better Future” is implemented under the “Innovative Economy” Operational Programme for Poland and is co-funded by the EU’s European Regional Development Fund.

    Under the contract, NextiraOne will provide, install and commission base stations and subscriber stations, and radio links between the network base stations. In addition, NextiraOne will provide computers to selected households and connect them to the Internet using the new broadband network, and also prepare documentation of the project. NextiraOne will also prepare and obtain on behalf of the customer all the permits and decisions necessary to run the network.

    “The agreement with the Community of Niepolomice is another project involving the construction of a wireless broadband network for a local government organisation carried out by our team. The project requires excellent organisational skills from our team because of the specific procedures resulting from the implementation of projects using investment that has been financed from EU funds. I know that our experience will help us to implement this project with the utmost care and in accordance with the contract.” said Marek Kobielski General Manager, NextiraOne Poland.

    The Niepolomice Community is one of the fastest-growing communities in Poland. With a good infrastructure, favourable location and the support of local government activities, more than 20 large companies and corporations such as Coca-Cola, MAN and DHL have established themselves in the area. The investment in wireless Internet access is an initiative implemented within the framework of the “Information Society” and “Preventing Digital Exclusion”.

    “We hope to provide our citizens with IT services at the highest level,” said Roman Ptak, Mayor of Niepolomice City and Community. “Working with NextiraOne, which has a wealth of experience in this field, is a good sign of the success we can expect. I want to see computerisation and the provision of Internet services to people who are digitally excluded for various reasons. This will enable them to look into the future with greater hope and confidence.”