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    Capgemini, Qualcomm to offer ‘out of the box’ 5G private networks


    Their aim is to make the benefits of 5G private networks available more easily, quickly and simply to industry and enterprises generally.

    The idea is that working with Qualcomm Technologies, Capgemini will provide quicker, easier access to the benefits of private networks in industrial and enterprise settings, including for the digital enterprise, smart warehouses, and industrial IoT.

    Capgemini will act as systems integrator, using Qualcomm’s 5G Private network system.Capgemini expects to support clients with their enterprise systems, edge compute capabilities, use cases, cloud and data/AI, interface with management systems and other bespoke elements to create end-to-end solutions that leverage powerful and efficient 5G private networks at scale.

    Opening the market?

    Enrico Salvatori, SVP and President, Qualcomm Europe/MEA, Qualcomm Europe, said, “In leveraging Capgemini’s scale and implementation expertise, we are confident that many more companies globally will start looking at what private networks can do for their businesses. 

    “We believe there are powerful benefits and some really exciting use cases already available in private networks today, especially when you integrate 5G functionality, enhanced privacy and all the other features which arrive with 5G standalone.”

    Fotis Karonis, Group Leader of 5G and Edge Computing, Capgemini, commented, “This collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies aims to help us provide a simplified yet powerful end-to-end private network solution for clients in all industries.

    “We expect clients to leverage this to implement solutions across a large variety of potential sites and use cases.”

    This collaboration builds further on an existing relationship between the two.