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    CardMobili launches new digital wallet beacon tech


    CardMobili has launched a new beacon solution that can be integrated into digital wallet platforms. 

    The technology is beacon hardware agnostic and provides tools for merchants and service providers to take advantage of proximity-based and in-store marketing. It can be fully integrated into operators’ existing digital wallet ecosystems.

    As an example, CardMobili said beacons could be used to guide shoppers towards promotions or discounts, or as a registration tool for store loyalty programmes.

    Bluetooth beacons within the system can also be configured to customise the shopping experience for customers, which CardMobili said would provide “an important competitive edge” for both SME and large enterprises.

    Merchants can also access a set of metrics to measure beacon performance.

    Helena Leite, CEO of CardMobili, said: “With our new beacon solution, we have created a uniquely new approach for creating targeted in-store proximity-based experiences. The overall effect is extremely powerful, unlocking a raft of new marketing tools that can be used to help influence shopping behaviour with carefully targeted marketing campaigns.

    “We believe that this is an exciting development that could fundamentally change how we shop in the future. For wallet owners, it is a powerful new proposition that will help boost revenues and deliver a new generation of services.”

    The technology has been integrated into the company’s latest digital wallet release.

    Last month, CardMobili announced it was working with Bango to bring carrier billing to retail stores, allowing customers to pay for products via their phone bill.

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