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    Celcite joins automated SON rush


    Celcite launches SON solution for UMTS networks

    Celcite Management Solutions has announced COPS-SON, a system designed to continuously configure, optimise and self-heal mobile networks.

    The ever-increasing demand for data services and the increased complexity of managing multi-technology and multi-vendor networks is making it more difficult for operators to maintain their network performance at optimum levels. The need to immediately address outages and other critical problems that affect the network is driving the need for innovative solutions that can shorten the time taken to respond with remedial actions.

    COPS-SON introduces a dynamic SON capability to Celcite’s COPS optimisation platform and addresses functions in the network including:

    • Self-Configuration: Automatically provides parameters for initial start-up and subsequent tuning when integrating new sites.·
    • Self-Optimisation: Addresses on-going network performance issues by providing remedial actions to improve: radio resource management; network retainability; network accessibility; and network performance.
    • Self-Healing: Detects and compensates for lost coverage resulting in cell outage situations, minimising the negative end user impact.

    Automating optimisation makes it possible for operators to take advantage of processes that are often too fast, too granular and too complex to permit manual intervention.

    Celcite said that COPS-SON utilises a range of SON techniques including Automatic Neighbour Relations (ANR), Load Balancing (LB), and Self-Healing (SH) algorithms.

    The vendor added that COPS-SON’s Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL) engines capture new raw data in a matter of minutes, provided that it is ready at the remote location. These ETL engines, combined with a fast algorithm and executor, ensure that necessary changes are implemented within 15 – 30 minutes of any event.