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    Colt expands voice offering to new countries


    Colt Technology Services is expanding voice services into new countries including Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary.

    As part of this voice expansion, Singapore, Slovakia, Canada and the US, will now also have access to enhanced voice capabilities. This will take its global footprint for voice services to a total of 29 countries.

    Taking down barriers

    The move is part of Colt’s aim to help remove the barriers faced by enterprises trying to grow their global presence.

    Rajiv Datta, Chief Operating Officer at Colt, said, “Colt’s product portfolio has been continually evolving to enable enterprises’ digital transformations, allowing more customer control and supporting their growth.

    “The continued expansion of our global Voice proposition provides customers with one supplier globally, which has 100% regulatory compliance and allows them to control their services easily through an online portal.”

    Range of services

    With Colt’s voice services, businesses can provision freephone or other local numbers and automate complex routing for calls via a single online portal. This means virtual call centres can be set up  and services like inbound and outbound calls, call queuing, interactive voice response (IVR), call forwarding, monitoring and reporting can be managed.

    Through Colt’s Voice On Demand Portal, customers can also access an inventory of their telephone numbers, a centralised view of all countries, self-service ordering and a full record of orders placed.