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    Deutsche Telekom creates data-sharing “marketplace”


    Deutsche Telekom’s enterprise arm has created a new “marketplace” for businesses to securely share data with one another.

    The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub (Telekom DIH) from T-Systems will allow businesses to share data directly with other companies in an encrypted format and without requiring it to be stored externally or centrally.

    As well as providing visibility and control of whom data is shared with, the cloud-based platform offers tools for processing and analysing data such as machine learning and AI applications.

    Target applications include planning, production and logistics for manufacturers.

    The operator has already worked with Salzgitter AG to jointly develop an application for Telekom DIH. It allows the steel company to automatically share data about its ordering processes with a raw material supplier.

    The service will be rolled out to customers during the second half of this year.

    Ingo Hofacker, SVP for IoT at the Digital Division of T-Systems, said: “The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is a secure marketplace for data, data analysis tools and algorithms that spans various companies and industries.

    “It therefore fulfills a key interface function between providers of data and solutions and users – something that has been missing in the field of data management till now. Telekom DIH provides a complete market overview of data that on the one hand are freely available, and on the other are offered for sale and purchase.

    “Companies can now monetise their data easily and securely, develop new business models and data-based products and services and in doing so rely on the high data security standards of Deutsche Telekom.”

    Deutsche Telekom cited research by PricewaterhouseCoopers saying 74 percent of all medium-sized and large companies in Germany shared data with their customers and business partners, while roughly the same number of companies believe they will face an even greater need to share their own data over the next few years.

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