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    Deutsche Telekom launches SD-WAN service with Versa Networks


    Deutsche Telekom B2B Europe has launched a new SD-WAN service in partnership with Versa Networks, a California-based software-defined networking (SDN) vendor.

    The service aims to reduce the complexity of enterprise networks while improving quality of service and giving customers enhanced network visibility.

    The Telekom SD-WAN Services solution is based on Versa Secure SD-WAN, which uses software instead of routers to direct digital traffic, enabling businesses to optimise priority bandwidth and upgrade application performance by decreasing jitter and packet loss. Embedded security features optimise security operations, and analytics and monitoring features provide insight into both data centre and cloud traffic.

    The service also enables customers to manage networks through one central graphical user interface.

    Optimising bandwidth

    “With this new offering, we are responding to the needs of companies to drive digitalisation within their enterprises while adding quality, performance and security in their networks,” said Ralf Nejedl, SVP B2B Europe, Deutsche Telekom. “It enables companies to optimise their bandwidth for maximum application performance and productivity and clears the way for optimised data transfer and communication.”

    “We are pleased to partner with Versa in this rollout, and we selected their Secure SD-WAN over competing products after a lengthy evaluation due to its security, performance and analytics capabilities,” Nejedl added. 

    The new service is now available in Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. It will be launched in Croatia in the second half of the year.