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    Deutsche Telekom standardises IT systems with SAP’s S/4HANA


    Deutsche Telekom will restructure and standardise its IT architecture using SAP’s S/4HANA real-time enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

    The operator says the transformation will enable quicker network build-out and could support same-day delivery for customers as the end-to-end logistics process is mapped in one system.

    “We are driving our own digitalisation forward massively,” said Peter Leukert, CIO, Deutsche Telekom. “It’s all about getting more from the data we already have. By standardising our IT systems, we will be substantially more efficient in terms of network planning, and our customers will benefit from quicker logistics processes.”

    Deutsche Telekom will use the software to create new models for data analysis, artificial intelligence and predictive planning. Deutsche Telekom’s first step will be to standardise 11 of its 55 ERP systems using SAP S/4HANA.

    5G planning

    Also among the first set of sub-projects is the planning for the operator’s 5G network and fibre-optic build-out. Deutsche Telekom says the individual steps in the process will be significantly speeded up due to the ability to use a uniform pool of data without system discontinuities.

    Hartmut Thomsen, head of the Middle & Eastern Europe region at SAP, commented, “We want to support Deutsche Telekom in its vision of consolidating the IT landscape and getting it ready for the digital challenges to come in the future. This doesn’t just benefit customers and employees; it also provides support in the ambitious build-out of Europe’s communication networks.”

    The latest initiative expands Deutsche Telekom and SAP’s long-term partnership on digitalisation. Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems operates the largest SAP cloud, with around four million users.