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    DT brings NB-IoT to wine, bridges and tools


    Deutsche Telekom is talking up the versatility of NB-IoT as it announced its network was powering new services for wine, tools and bridges.

    The operator’s Greek subsidiary Cosmote is providing connectivity to wine monitoring start-up ISTMOS, allowing it to offer a solution which monitors every bottle from the winery to the end consumer.

    Sensors connected to Cosmote’s NB-IoT network transmit data on temperature, humidity and luminosity. Users can then access this data through a mobile app by scanning the QR code on each bottle.

    Its Austrian opco is providing connectivity to smart machinery company Toolsense. The solution collects data from energy-critical tools such as electric saws or drilling machines. Toolsense then provides this information to manufacturers to allow them to improve the longevity, energy consumption and durability of their tools.

    Meanwhile, in Germany, Deutsche Telekom has worked with BS2 Sicherheitssysteme in providing a digital monitoring solution for bridges, tunnels, buildings and other infrastructure.

    The connected sensors monitor temperature, humidity and corrosion to provide early warning signs and prevent damage.

    The initiatives will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona.

    Ingo Hofacker, SVP of IoT at Deutsche Telekom’s T-Systems Digital Division, said: “With the rapid expansion of our NB-IoT network as part of 5G in Europe and the USA, the diversity of innovative solutions in a wide variety of industries is also growing.

    “Applications such as the smart wine bottle, smart tools or smart bridges will change our view of existing challenges and accelerate the development of new business models.”

    Deutsche Telekom’s NB-IoT network is now live across eight European markets; Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Greece.

    It is working with IBM to research the technology and last month introduced a smart parking system in Hamburg.