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    DT’s 5G:haus brings full duplex communication to Prague


    Deutsche Telekom has completed the “world’s first” field trial of self-interference cancellation (SIC), a potential 5G technology that allows signals on the same frequency to be sent and received at the same time.

    The operator’s 5G:haus research arm held the trial with wireless full duplex specialists Kumu Networks on Deutsche Telekom’s local network in Prague, Czech Republic. Both companies wanted to determine if SIC could enable full duplex communication, which would greatly increase spectral efficiency.

    The trial centred on whether full duplex communication could remain robust and stable amid real world conditions. The success of the demonstration showed how SIC could be used in future 5G networks. The tech has been defined as a Technology Building Block for 5G in an NGMN whitepaper.

    Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Chief Technology Officer, Deutsche Telekom, said: “I’m delighted to see the first experimental results of a potential 5G technology in DT’s real network environment. We use field trials to get a better understanding of a technology’s potential and that helps us to identify use cases and applications in the context of 5G. In 5G:haus, we will continue to test and evaluate advanced technologies that pave the way to 5G.”

    Deutsche Telekom said SIC technology could also be used in existing networks. It said it could potentially solve small cell backhaul issues by enabling the re-use of spectrum that is usually reserved to serve end users.

    Kumu Networks CEO David Cutrer added: “DT’s Prague trials provide evidence that the assumed theoretical advantages of self-interference cancelling radios are indeed feasible. We are encouraged to accelerate the commercialisation of the technology for near-term applications within the goal of realising the full potential of the technology in a 5G framework.”

    Deutsche Telekom launched its 5G:haus in March, with the innovation lab joining a wide range of operator and vendor research projects.