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    EE network continues to set agenda in the UK, Rootmetrics finds


    EE has made a clean sweep of RootMetrics’ latest investigation into network performance in the UK, topping all six categories.

    The UK’s biggest mobile operator won in the Overall, Network Reliability, Network Speed, Data, Call and Text Performance categories, scoring 92.1 out of 100 overall.

    O2 came last, slipping from second to last place for its call and text performance and scoring 77.7 overall.

    While Three lost its network reliability frontrunner slot to EE, Rootmetrics deemed the operator as an “established…and consistent challenger” in second place overall and cited its strong call and text performances. However, it came in last place for network speed.

    Vodafone was third, with the operator hailed for an improvement in call and text performance. It shared second place for the former with Three, jumping from fourth place a year ago.

    While EE topped performance categories across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with Three in second place aside from joint first in Wales. 

    RootMetrics took more than 800,000 samples across the United Kingdom to track performance both indoor and outdoors.

    Scott Stonham, General Manager of Europe at RootMetrics, said: “Over the past two years, UK consumers have benefited from big improvements across all operators in the major UK metros. The amount of time consumers are able to access LTE is rising, leading to continued increases in data speeds as well as improvement in reliability. We are not surprised to see an increase in these metrics, and are impressed by the rate of these roll outs.”