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    Elisa demos VR with ‘human eye quality’


    Finland’s Elisa claims to have demonstrated a first – a virtual reality broadcast that matched the quality of a human eye’s vision.

    The telco collaborated with technology company Varjo and showcased the demo at the Slush 2019 event

    Elisa provided the 5G network and a 5G edge cloud solution. Varjo´s VR glasses are designed for industrial use, meaning they have a higher resolution than consumer-focused kit. The company claims the image quality equates to 64 Full HD screens.

    “Virtual reality becomes so real that it is hard to tell it from the genuine real-life view,” a statement from Elisa said.


    The ability to produce video with ‘human eye resolution’ and stream it over 5G could enable “perfectly natural telepresence everywhere in the world,” according to Elisa.

    Petteri Svensson, Vice President, Connectivity at Elisa, said, “The virtual reality produced by Varjo is a great example of new services that 5G enables.

    “This service is useful for corporations in many different tasks and when 5G becomes more common these possibilities will multiply. Elisa continues to develop new 5G services for both corporate and consumer customers.”

    Elisa is promising similar VR broadcasts at MWC2020 in Barcelona in February.

    By Wayne Darroch