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    Enea joins team Telenor in “world’s most diverse” multi-vendor 5G SA core


    The trailblazing initiative includes a proof of concept for network slicing and an on-going trial with the Norwegian Armed Forces.

    Enea has announced it is part of the Telenor team whose aim is to build the most vendor-diverse Standalone (SA) 5G core network and said the core is ready for deployment, to support high performance telecom and enterprise applications.

    Having met stringent security requirements, Telenor’s solution is being trialled by the Norwegian Armed Forces and is a pioneering use case for network slicing.

    Disguise and manage

    The solution manages Telenor’s cloud-native 5G data, including Unified Data Manager (UDM) that can support up to 10 billion data entries at a rate of 1 to 500,000 transactions per second. 

    The UDM has built-in Subscription Concealed Identifier (SUCI) capabilities to safeguard users’ data by camouflaging the permanent identifier that is inherent to a subscriber’s activity on the network.

    Enea’s solution automates end-to-end encrypted communications from the core to the edge. Telenor also deployed Enea’s User Data Repository (UDR) and Authentication Server Function (AUSF) to for 5G data management.

    As well as providing better data security, Enea’s solution is designed to maximise uptime by conducting automated end-to-end testing of the 5G Core.

    This ensures that applications on the network receive data seamlessly and perform efficiently – with five-nines reliability.

    Cloud native and robust

    Patrick Waldemar, Vice President, Telenor Research, said, “Enea’s cloud-native, vendor-neutral data management products are robust and truly innovative. And Enea’s collaborative strategy resonates with our own ethos. By creating a multi-vendor environment, operators and enterprises can foster innovation, reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and can cut time to market for new services.”

    Indranil Chatterjee, Chief Customer Officer at Enea commented, “The initiative provides a blueprint for both operators and enterprises to create a cloud native, best-of-breed 5G environment that, by its multi-vendor nature, eliminates vendor lock-in.”

    Sue Rudd, Director Networks and Service Platforms at Strategy Analytics added, “Enea and Telenor’s innovative collaboration demonstrates the service flexibility 5G SA can offer with end-to-end network slicing and seamless [user plane function] assurance.

    Enea’s rich heritage of developing truly open, interoperable technologies, and vendor-independent 5G data management solutions embody the benefits of virtualization and the security of network slicing to unleash the economic potential of 5G for operators and enterprises.”

    Watch the world’s most diverse multi-vendor 5G standalone (SA) solution in action.