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    Ericsson automates security for telco cloud and enterprise IT


    Ericsson has launched a security automation project that aims to protect networks from emerging threats in the 5G and IoT era.

    The new Security Manager product is designed to protect telco cloud operations, enterprise ICT domains, physical and virtual networks, the Sweden-based operator said.

    Built with predictive analytics, it allows customers to configure security controls including firewalls and block chain solutions to create their desired security architecture.

    There is built-in support for automating compliance with cyber security standards and regulatory requirements.

    Anders Lindblad, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Unit IT & Cloud Products, Ericsson, said: “In today’s ICT landscape, security is of the utmost importance for organisations across all domains.

    “Ericsson Security Manager leverages our leadership and expertise across a wide array of ICT domains to bring to the market an innovative, adaptive and contextual security automation solution for telecom networks as well as cloud, IoT and enterprises.

    “It provides the level of security that our customers across industries not only seek, but fundamentally require for the integrity of their operations.”

    Security risks to the IoT have reached “boiling point”, according to a December report by Juniper Research.

    It said there existed a “woeful” approach to defending against attacks in the consumer market in particular.

    Meanwhile, managed security service providers are set to reap the rewards of the industrial IoT according to another report from ABI Research last month.