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    Evolving Systems launches cloud-based SIM product


    Connected devices company Evolving Systems has launched a cloud-based version of its SIM allocation solution.

    The product updates its Dynamic SIM Allocation (DSA) solution, which it launched in 2008. The UK-based vendor said its new software as a service (Saas) DSA reduces costs by removing the need to pre-provision SIM cards, ensures that SIM cards are not affected by MSISDN availability and also improves the stock mobility of SIMs. The hosted service also allows operators to set up the DSA product in a few weeks.

    Thad Dupper, Chairman and CEO of Evolving Systems, said: “Over the past six years, our DSA solution has enabled wireless operators the world over to cut the costs of provisioning SIM cards and improve efficiency in resource utilisation, while driving more effective marketing campaigns, engaging more closely with customers and driving up loyalty levels.

    “With SaaS DSA we are offering these benefits as part of a hosted model using a software-as-a-service approach. This will enable operators to tap into all the advantages of dynamic provisioning quickly and easily, with minimal upfront capital investment.”

    The product follows Evolving Systems launching its SaaS data enablement products to tier one telcos and MVNOs in North America. The DSA product will be hosted at data centres globally.

    The growth in popularity of cloud products has led Gartner to predict the SaaS market will hit €16 billion by the end of next year, up from €8.9 billion in 2011.