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    Fibernet tears Finland a new altnet with Adtran


    Trenching and Adtran expedites the XGS-PON

    Finland’s alternative network (altnet) Fibernet is building its high-bandwidth network with three time saving techniques it has helped to pioneer. It has invented an efficient new trenching technique, a meticulous time planning system for the brutal short Finnish cable laying season and equipment that can move gigabits of data by the second. Fibernet invented a micro-trenching technology that lets it build its fibre network faster than everyone else, it claims. While established service providers extend their expensive fiber networks at glacial speed, Fibernet claimed its network laying techniques and its use of the Adtran 10G Fiber Access Platform has connected 50,000 customers in a fraction of the time.

    Content is King

    Those 50,000 connections were just the first phase of creating an XGS-PON fiber network, an updated version of the classic passive optical network, only with four times the upstream bandwidth. Though much of Finland can access 4G mobile broadband there is huge demand from consumers and businesses for high-quality, competitive broadband services for internet, IPTV, telehealth and other image-related systems, according to Janne Ahola, CEO at Fibernet. Fibre is the only way to supply fast and reliable network connections that can scale with subscriber demands and Adtran kit provides an immediate solution and offers continuity, according to Ahola.

    Continuity is Queen

    “While Fibernet is new to this market, our leaders have deep experience in implementing superior broadband networks. We selected Adtran because of its experience in both the fibre access and altnet markets and we are extremely pleased with the support that Adtran has provided in our startup phase,” said Ahola.

    The Adtran 10G Fiber Access Platform uses the symmetrical upload and download speeds of XGS-PON technology, which future-proofs the network against growing demand for high-bandwidth cloud and streaming services. Adtran’s supply availability is also a differentiator for Fibernet. In Finland, the ground is frozen for five months each year. The long winters require well-planned building seasons and hardware deliveries must be on schedule during the warmer months. 

    Adtran fiber gets gigs

    “Fibernet has a key advantage with its micro-trenching technology that lets it build its fibre network much faster. With Adtran in its network, Fibernet can match that innovation with a 10G fiber access system,” said Stuart Broome, Vice President of Sales, EMEA at Adtran. “The ease of scalability will enable Fibernet to increase capacity and scale services beyond its traditional residential subscriber base to support the connectivity needs of local small- and mid-sized businesses as well.”