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    First 5G channel models published


    A Metis task force led by network and handset testing supplier Anite has published the first channel models for 5G technology.

    Metis is the initiative launched in 2012 and partially funded by the European Commission, which aims to lay the foundations for 5G wireless and mobile communications.

    The interim channel models were co-authored by eight Metis partners and presented to the 5G technology community at the recent Brooklyn 5G Summit.

    One of Metis’ overall technical goals is to provide a system concept that supports higher mobile data volume per area. Accurate radio channel model development enables higher data transmission volumes, which is why the definition of the radio channel model is seen as a key element in the development of 5G.

    “The interim 5G channel models defined under Anite’s leadership have wide industry acceptance and will help to meet the requirements of higher data volume and develop a system concept for 5G,” said Olav Queseth, senior researcher at Ericsson and project coordinator at Metis.

    Metis has outlined a number of 5G scenarios to serve as guidance for its work. The next gen technology will deliver the following, the consortium says: “Amazingly fast”, focusing on high data-rates for future mobile broadband users; “Great service in a crowd”, focusing on mobile broadband access even in very crowded areas and conditions; “Ubiquitous things communicating”, focusing on efficient handling of a very large number of devices with widely varying requirements; “Best experience follows you”, focusing on delivering high levels of user experience to mobile end users; “Super real-time and reliable connections”, focusing on new applications and use cases with stringent requirements on latency and reliability.