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    Giesecke & Devrient introduces Over-the-Air SIM and device management platform for LTE networks


    Giesecke & Devrient today announced that its carrier-grade Over-the-Air (OTA) platform now offers SIM and mobile device management for handsets on LTE networks. The expansion of SmartTrust DP capabilities now provides mobile operators with a common, single platform for managing subscriber equipment regardless of network technology.

    Flexible, reliable and scalable messaging capabilities between the server platform and the SIM or device are essential success factors for an OTA system. SmartTrust DP gives the choice of IP messaging supported by handset and SIM as well as the option to avoid delivering OTA messages while a subscriber is not in its home network.

    With a full range of management tools, SmartTrust DP supports an operator’s individual scalability, performance, reliability and interoperability needs by now reaching any IP-connected device and extending the capabilities of the platform beyond BIP support. The SIM can now initiate, through the use of pull functionality within the client, as well as establish an IP session with the SmartTrust DP HTTP server module. Additionally, SmartTrust DP supports polling by the SIM client enabling periodic checks by the SIM client to determine if a management session is required. The addition of pull and poll functionality, complementing existing push capabilities, allows for the implementation of true client-server applications on the SIM that take advantage of the greatly increased bandwidth afforded by a LTE network.

    Beyond messaging, the platform implements functionality and services for event reception interfaces, configuration management, charging, user administration, operation and maintenance, logging, statistics, reports, data storage and an API for external access to the unified repository.

    The modular architecture of SmartTrust DP allows mobile operators to deploy other applications such as SmartRoam for support of steering to LTE networks, SmartAct for managing LTE-specific files and SmartProvisioning for handling IMS and other data connectivity, either all at once or incrementally. The system has a high availability and ultra-high capacity option built using industry standard clustering technology.

    “Utilizing a single Over-the-Air platform to activate and manage existing as well as new wireless devices in today’s growing array of networks helps to improve network efficiency and reduce operational costs,” said Marianne Arosenius, Group Senior Vice President of G&D’s Server Software and Services Division. “We’re unique in our ability not only to deliver a wide-ranging solution to manage LTE devices but also to offer HTTP-ready smart cards. This provides wireless operators with a strong solution set to best manage the rollout of new technologies while best managing existing ones.”